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GROOM is located in Pella, IA   Just a half  block from the town square across from the Molengracht and walking distance from Central College campus.  GROOM is not your ordinary Barber Shop, that's why we call it a Barber Lounge.

GROOM is housed on the main floor of a three story historic building built in 1905.  GROOM features an old world feel with 4 Theo Koch's Model #800 Barber chairs and a custom made backbar.    Whether your looking for a hot lather face shave, a quick trim before you next meeting or a traditional barber shop experience, The Barbers at GROOM are sure to make you look and feel your best.

  from the American College of Hairstyling in Des Moines, IA in 2002.


Scott is without question one of the best barbers I have ever used...Scott is detail oriented and goes the extra mile to make sure he sends me out in the best shape possible. Scott is also very personable and makes the time pass quickly.” 

                                           -William G


             " I say you need to have three (3) things in life; a good attorney, a good tax man and a good barber. I had found two out of the three, but could never find a good barber. That all changed when I met Scott Sales. He's the ultimate choice for someone looking for the ultimate in haircare. I don't care if your an executive or an intern. He treats his customers with first class service and attention to detail.

The one thing that separates Scott from anybody else is his use of the straight edge razor. At first you think your on the set of a Clint Eastwood movie, however by the time he gets done, you wonder why everybody doesn't use it. I would recommend Scott for anybody looking to pursue perfection every time. "

                                        -Steve N


"Glad to hear Scott is looking into opening up another shop! I've never considered the guy or gal who has cut my hair to be my friend until Scott. He is truly passionate about his work and as a young working professional, I valued the time I was able to stop inside his shop for a relaxing conversation, great service, and advice.”

                               -Chris F

DDuring the 2008 Presidential caucus, Governor Mike Huckabee, stopped by for a Haircut and Shave, along with 75 reporters from around the country and world.  Click on the photo for the news report that night!

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